difference of touch...

We serve in every department as Sanitas Spa Wellness. In 1997, as the Sanitas SPA in Lykia World, we opened the first one of our branches and took the first steps in the institutional sense to the spa sector.

As a result of our careful and intensive work, we entered the Turkish Robinson TUI Houses in 1998. As a result of our successful trend, our tempo has always been fast and we have received many awards from domestic and foreign sources. Sanitas SPA brand is now on the mind to make a luxury service statement.

As a result of this rising trend, we are now in our mind; For the 12th year in the Kempinski Hotels chain of Turkey, Turkey Robinson TUI Hotels has been serving for 20 years.

Our Vision

Being a well-known company in Europe and all over the world, especially in Turkey with education and quality standards.

Our Mission

Under the motto of difference of touch is the mission of Sanitas Spa Centers to provide peace of mind to its guests and to offer a healthy, vigorous lifestyle.

Our services

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