Sirene Davras Ski & Sky Sanitas Spa +90 246 267 20 02

Kulovası Mevkii Çoban İsa Köyü Büyükhacılar / Isparta

Being established in Davras, the most advantaged ski center in Turkey due to its transportability, Sirene Davras Hotel is in a very special location in terms of ski and mountain tourism with its road open for 365 days and location close to many town centers.

Being located in the peaks of Isparta, in winter it serves to ski-freaks with its great ground and pitches, and in summer to mountain- and ski-freaks with its clean air full of oxygen.

With its indoor warm pool, modern and large SPA center, and resting sites with fire-places located in the foot of the mountian, it is designed to make your holiday unforgettable.

Sirene Davras Ski & Sky

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