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Turkey’s most established and worldwide award-winning spa, Sanitas Spa added a new product brand to Sanitas Spa family. Selvert Thermal is an environmentally friendly cosmetic brand that supports an extremely careful treatment in both traditional and state-of-the-art cosmetics.

From professional treatments to retail products, the effectiveness of the Selvert Thermal series cosmetics is based on the use of the most effective active principles and thermal water in all formulations.

Time to Rejuvenate

The latest additions to our Rejuvenate skincare range are powered by innovative ingredients to help nourish and protect skin so it looks and feels firmer, brighter and hydrated. SELVERT has extremely elaborated treatment lines, both in traditional and state of the art cosmetics. Its innovative presentations are the result of periodic studies carried out by market analysts. Experience Silver Thermal’s restorative treatments in a sociable space like Sanitas Spa where you can relax and recharge.

Pure Golden Mask

Selvert Thermal’s pure golden mask is formulated with the inspiration of purity and sobriety of the most exquisite luxury. Selvert Thermal’s gel mask provides an instant flash effect and a great supply of brightness while acting on wrinkles and expression lines. Experience Selvert Thermal’s pure golden mask at Sanitas Spa to attain a skin as luminous as gold.

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